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You require a professional translation of your texts from the field of tourism? We work exclusively with native specialist translators who translate your texts professionally into the desired target languages. Please send us your individual enquiry for the translation of your tourism texts and we will get back to you with our quote. We translate for your from German into all foreign languages and vice versa. Simply use our enquiry form or send an email to

We translate for you among others:

-    Marketing material -    Brochures
-    Website texts -    Leaflets and flyers
-    Guide books -    Press texts


Everybody knows this: When on holiday abroad you time and again come across translations that are amusing but do not express what the author wanted to say. With us, you are on the safe side! We exclusively work with qualified translators who translate into their mother tongue and are most suited for translating your tourism texts thanks to their interest in foreign countries and cultures. This includes among others the translation of your website, where you want to inform international visitors about the highlights of your city, your region or your hotel in order to convince them that this is exactly the place to go to. We also provide professional translations of your brochures, leaflets and flyers, historic background information or special events. If you want a guidebook to be translated into one or several foreign languages, we are at your disposal and will deliver a professional translation - in close cooperation with the authors, if desired.
We will always select the most suitable translator for your project to write appealing texts for the respective target audience.
You decide on the file format - normally we can handle all the common editable formats so that the time-consuming later input of translated texts can be omitted. On request we also offer the foreign language typesetting (e.g. In InDesign) in addition to the translation.

See also Hotels & Restaurant industry.

The Cologne-based translation agency Webalingua has private and business customers all over Germany, in Austria and Switzerland. Our portfolio includes Translations, Interpreting, Foreign language typesetting and other language services . We exclusively work with translators who hold a degree in translation, translate into their native language and have specialised in the required subject areas. This guarantees the high quality of the services we provide. Our clients rely on our personal and competent service – see for yourself and send us your enquiry.

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