Medicine & pharmaceutics

Medicine & Pharmaceutics

Professional translations by specialist translators

You require a professional translation of your medical or pharmaceutical text? For the professional translation of your text we work exclusively with experienced specialist translators. We translate for you clinical trials, operating instructions for medical devices, patient information leaflets, diagnoses, medical reports, medical certificates, and many more. Send your enquiry to or use our enquiry form. We’ll get back to you with a quote shortly. This service is free of charge for you.

We offer translations in the following subject areas among others:

-    Alternative medicine -    Anaesthetics
-    Medical reports -    Dental technology
-    Epidemiology -    Genetics
-    Manuals for medical devices  -    Cardiology
-    Orthopaedics -    Oncology
-    Package inserts -    Patient information leaflets
-    Paediatrics -    Pharmacology
-    Physiology  -    Psychiatry
-    Psychology -    Radiology
-    Sports medicine -    Reports on diagnostic findings
-    and many more  


Medical and pharmaceutical companies are usually global players and have a large demand for translations. Medical and pharmaceutical translations are particularly demanding as an unprofessional translation can easily have negative consequences like faulty application of medical devices or the misunderstanding of diagnoses. It is therefore particularly important to have your medical or pharmaceutical text translated by expert translators who have specialised in precisely this subject area. The translator has to master the target language like a native speaker and also requires profound knowledge of the special subject. By employing specialist translators we guarantee that your texts are translated into the desired language with utmost elaborateness. From us you get professional translations at fair prices.

Terminology- and quality management

Webalingua translators use the latest software and a CAT tool that allows saving translated segments in order to use them again for further translations. This guarantees consistent and time-efficient translations and bears considerable cost savings for you. It also guarantees that always the same and correct terminology is used for all your translations and that your texts are consistent in the foreign language as well.
The Webalingua agency is your competent partner when you are in need of high-quality translations. Our services include professional translations, interpreting, foreign language typesetting as well as editing & proofreading. All translations are carried out by native speakers who hold a degree in translation and have specialised in the required subject areas. We provide personal and competent service - from the quotation to the delivery stage. See for yourself and send us your enquiry.

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