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You require an expert translation of your legal text? We translate for you legal documents from German into the desired language or vice versa and certified if required. For your legal translations we work with expert translators who have specialised in the subject area, translate exclusively to their native language and have several years of experience in legal translations. Should you require a certified translation of your legal text we will entrust a sworn translator with the translation of your contract. Send us your enquiry and we will get back to you with a quote as fast as possible. Simply use our enquiry form or send us your legal text via email to

With permanently growing international trade relations the number of legal relations between companies in different countries increases as well. It is important to be on the safe side legally in order to avoid problems and litigations. The wording of a contract and other legally binding agreements, general terms and conditions etc. need to be translated carefully and correctly. You have to make sure that specialist legal translators take care of this task, who not only master source and target language but also have a profound knowledge of the respective legal systems and a high command of the sometimes very complex legal terminology. We at Webalingua entrust these experts with the translation of your legal texts and make sure you also feel safe in international legal relations.
Translations are sometimes needed for submission with authorities and require the certification of a sworn translator. Normally these are translations of certificates, testimonials, expertises or extracts from commercial registers. For this purpose, we work with sworn translators who certify the translation with their stamp and signature. For more information on certified translations see here.

We would be glad to take care of your translation project as well! All translations are carried out by native speakers who hold a degree in translation and have specialised in the required subject areas. This means we can offer high quality language services at a fair price. See for yourself and send us your enquiry:

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