Languages & Subject Areas

Languages and subject areas

Whether it’s about an English contract or an Arabic website – we’re the right people to contact for your translation. Thanks to our extensive network of freelance translators we’re able to offer translation into and from almost any language in the world.

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We offer, amongst others, the following languages:

Albanian Dutch Hebrew Lithuanian Serbian
Arabic English Hindi Macedonian Slovak
Bosnian Estonian Hungarian Maltese Slovene
Bulgarian Farsi Icelandic Norwegian Spanish
Catalan Finnish Indonesian Pashto Swedish
Chinese Flemish Italian Persian Thai
Croatian French Japanese Polish Turkish
Czech Georgian Korean Portuguese Ukrainian
Danish German Kurdish Romanian Vietnamese
Dari Greek Latvian Russian etc.

Experts at work

Our translators know exactly what they’re doing. They’re not only native speakers of the required target language but also experts on the subject area at hand. For each of your translations, your project manager will carefully choose the most suitable translator, who has specialised in the subject area of the text

Examples of subject areas covered:



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