Certified translations

Certified translations

You require a certified translation of your documents for submission with an authority or for an international job application? No matter whether it’s an extract from the commercial register, a contract or your birth certificate – we’ve got a suitable sworn translator among our experts. Send us your enquiry via email (info@webalingua.de) or our enquiry form.

When is a certified translation required?

Certified translations can be required for different types of documents and events, e.g. when having to submit a translation of a birth or marriage certificate with a public authority. For this purpose, the translation agency Webalingua works with sworn translators, who certify the translation is correct and complete by applying a round stamp and their signature to the translation.

Should a public authority have further requirements, such notarisation or an Apostille certificate, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll be glad to assist you with this too.

We offer certified translations for all common European and non-European languages, such as English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

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