Professional translations by specialist translators

You require a professional translation of your marketing texts - from German into one or several foreign languages or vice versa? For the translation of your marketing texts the Webalingua agency works exclusively with native expert translators who have specialised in the translation of creative marketing texts. Send us your enquiry via our enquiry form or per via email to We’ll shortly be in touch with a quote. This service is of course without obligation and free of charge for you.

We translate for you among others:

-    Homepages -    Flyers
-    Presentations -    Website texts
-    Product descriptions -    Advertising material
-    Brochures -    Press releases

Translations in the field of marketing in particular require a high command of source and target language, creativity and a rich faculty of expression: Your marketing documents have to appeal to the readers of the target language in the same way as they address those of the source text. For this purpose, the specialist translator can often not use a verbatim translation but rather has to find a “looser” wording whilst still taking into account the content. We guarantee that we work with precisely those experts for the translation of your marketing material.
We can normally handle all the common editable formats, so you will get back the translation in the same format as the one you provided us. The time-consuming later input of translated texts can be omitted. On request we also offer the foreign language typesetting (e.g. in InDesign) in addition to the translation.

The Cologne-based translation agency Webalingua has private and business customers all over Germany, in Austria and Switzerland. We offer you the following language services among others: Translations, Certified translations, Interpreting, Foreign language typesetting etc. All the orders are carried out by experts who hold a degree in translation, translate into their mother tongue and have specialised in the respective subject area. This guarantees the high quality of the services we provide. Our clients rely on our personal and competent service – see for yourself and send us your enquiry.

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